Single Holmium Atom Stable Magnetic Memory

Researchers from Radboud University Nijmegen and IBM Almaden Research Center publish their researches of solid problems for single magnet atom hold magnetism that single holmium atom own left magnetism, its temperature could reach 40K and the size and stability is

Quantum Spining Liquid Found in Quasi-Two-Dimensional Material

Ruthenium Chloride

Two scientists from UK and USA find traces of  a new quantum state-quantum spining liqud in quasi-two-dimensional material alpha-ruthenium chloride (α-RuCl3). The researchers said it may improve researches of quantum computer. Quantum spinning liquid is a mysterious quantum state, which

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New Glass Harder 588 Times Than Stainless Steel

metallic glass

A new metallic glass is developed, which get 588 times hardness of stainless steel. When hit ground, it would bounce. It get great prospects. If the glass used in mobile, mobile phone would’t come to bits. It could be used new

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New Film Coating Turn Contact Lenses to Computer Screen

Along with rapid development of wearable devices, people urgently need substrate and new coating material that is compatible with organism. Recently FII, Univesrity of South Australia develop one kind of thin polymer film coating, which is conductive for contact lenses

New Material Developed For Solar Energy Application

polymeric membrane

Solar Energy become very important parts in present whole human energy structure. Scientist are trying to find better method to store solar energy and make sure it could work at night or cloudy. Now, a new kind of material could

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