New Film Coating Turn Contact Lenses to Computer Screen

Along with rapid development of wearable devices, people urgently need substrate and new coating material that is compatible with organism. Recently FII, Univesrity of South Australia develop one kind of thin polymer film coating, which is conductive for contact lenses that make microcircuit possible. Research indicate production of this conductive coating aquogel make sense to future wearable electronic equipment.

Their paper published on recent <<Applied Materials&Interface>> hosted by American Chemical Society, claim that they would deposit conducting polymer PEDOT on aquogel substrate and mixed with compatible organism constituent. After  dehydration, pretreatment with plasma to change its surface form and chemical component so promote adhesion of conductive PEDOT surface. Controlling gaseous polymerization and component, it would make PEDOT substrate coating compatible with organism and have good electrical conductivity.

Associate professor Drewe.Evans from the research institution said it is a “change game rule” technology, which may bring safe method to connect human and intelligent device more closely. For example present data or image from glucometer on contact lenses like real electronic signs, not via projection on glasses with skeleton.

For present, research finish concept demonstration and collaborate with one famous British contact lenses developing company one a project. Evans said they provide those materials could work together, next stage is making them binding strongly. After achieving it, next stage is expanding production and developing commercial product with the British team.

This kind of thin film coating could be used in other purpose as total plastic glass for car,  electrochromism windows, smart windonws and so on, which would be faint once switch on, then turn to transparent once switch offer, which could control amount of light.

Evans pointed out that really important thing is the material is not only safe, but also get prospect on health monitoring for person. For chronic, it make live easier.