New Glass Harder 588 Times Than Stainless Steel

A new metallic glass is developed, which get 588 times hardness of stainless steel. When hit ground, it would bounce. It get great prospects. If the glass used in mobile, mobile phone would’t come to bits. It could be used new armor that could protect satellite from meteor shock. This material is called SAM2X5-630, which own crystal property and made from refining steel. The researchers used air gun to test its strength, which get 588 times higher than stainless and 2 times than tungsten carbide ceramics used in building body amor.

Engineer Veronica Eliasson from USC explained this material own highly strength and elasticity due to its special chemical structure. She said, “It don’t own interior structure like glass, however you would see tiny crystalline region. We don’t find out how large metallic glass could  have so  tiny crystalline region that make so much difference under impulse load. ”

Although this material is not transparent enough and could’t be used in production of ultrahard glass screen, but it could be used as protective cover for mobile devices, which would bounce when hit ground. For example, this material used for aluminum side and back cover of smartphone like iphone, which could strength its crash resistance.

The material is a kind of artificial synthetic material, which is also called lumpy metallic glass. Due to its special chemical structure, it own superhard and great resilience.Atoms in most metals and alloys own highly organized crystal structure, however atom crystal structure in glass is comparely random.

To make new material, the researchers should heat refined iron powder to 630℃ and cool it quickly.  Researchers from UCSD use spark plasma sintering technology to make metallic glass that is putting refined iron powder to graphite jig and go through electricity under 1000 atmospheric pressure.

Chief researcher Andrea Hodge of the project said, ” We could observe elastic limit of this material  under high speed.This manner is not obvious for traditional mechanical testing. ”  Eliasson  add, ” This new material behave well under impact load.  It impress us and give us prospects for more researches.”

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