From cutting-edge R&D needs to bulks production requirement, Zegen offer a full range of product and service solutions. Our product portfolio, ranging from high pure semiconductor materials to sputtering target, spanning the periodic table and we have an experienced technical team developing innovative new products. Zegen also provide customized crystal, ceramic substrate, wafer and industry consulting service.

Semiconductor Materials

Zegen supply minor metal products from elementary substance to various derivates including telluride, sulfide, boride, nitride and selenide. Some special chemical compounds are customizable, which are minor metals compounds mainly.

Photoelectric Materials 

Zegen provide amplified raw materials that raw materials for infrared material, laser material, fiber optic material and nonliner optical material, which cover many rare earth derivates, fluoride compounds and nitride compounds.

Ceramic Materials

Zegen supply chemical compounds that are source for special ceramics, which may present property of high melting point, great hardness, high abrasion, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, or optic.  When added in ceramics, it would strengthen some function of ceramics, The ceramics  are also called functional ceramics.

Pharmaceutical Chemicals

Zegen prepare chemicals which meet USP standard or safe to human. They are nontoxic or highly toxic, which are raw material for pharma ,intermediate or excipient.

Speciality Chemical

Zegen customize specialty chemicals, which are rare and special.