Aluminum Carbide

Aluminum carbide is little yellow-brown crystalline lump or  powder, which absorb moisture.  It is table when avoiding contact with moisture air, which is not soluble in acetone. Aluminum carbide is made from aluminum metal powder and carbon powder.

Aluminum Carbide Powder

Synonyms: aluminium carbide, tetraaluminum tricarbide

Molecular Formula: Al4C3 CAS No.: 1299-86-1
EINECS No.: 215-076-2 Melting Point: 2100℃
Boiling Point:2200℃ Relative Density: 2.36


Purity: 99%

Particle size: 200mesh~600mesh


aluminum carbide particles,tiny dispersion in composite material of aluminum basis, could slow creep of it, especially when combine with silicon carbide particles.

Aluminum-Silicon Carbide alloy could be prepared by mechanical alloying, ball milling aluminum powder and graphite particles.

Aluminium carbide could be used as abrasive particles for high-speed cutting tool. Its hardness equal to topaz.

Aluminium carbide is also used in production of fireworks as show effect of glowworm.


Aluminium carbide should be stored in cool, dry and ventilative  warehouse, keep temperature under 32℃ and relative humidity no more than 75%, avoiding fire, heat source. Package should be strictly sealed. Keep it away from acid, avoiding blending reserve by all means.