Lanthanum Boride

Lanthanum boride is magenta solid powder with isometric crystal system. It is blue to purple powder. Lanthanum oxide powder is essential raw material. Lanthanum boride use as lanthanum hexaboride cathode (LaB6 cathode). It is a kind of normal lanthanum compounds.

Lanthanum Boride – Ceramic Material, Cathode Material

Sysnonyms: lanthanum hexaboride, (oc-6-11)-lanthanum boride, lanthanum hexaobir powder <10micron 99%

CAS No.: 12008-21-8

EINECS No.: 234-531-6

Density: 2.61g/cm3

Melting point: 2210℃

When higher than temperature, lanthanum hexaboride dissolve. Under room temperature, it is insoluble in water and acid. When lanthanum trioxide and borax are put in proper fused salt, using graphite anode electrolysis under high temperature, getting deposition of lanthanum hexaboride on graphite or steel cathode. Due to its features of high melting point, high radioactive of hot electron, lanthanum hexaboride powder could replace high melting point metal and alloy.

Category: Inorganics; Metal Borides and Carbides

Applications: lanthanum hexaboride is widely used in teleran, electronic industry, instrument, medical equipment, metallurgy, enviromental protetion and other high-tech industry. Its compound is in powder, polycrystal, monocrystal, which is best material for cathode of large power tube, magnetron, electron beam, accelerator.