Zirconium Silicide

Zirconium silicide is grey square crystalline lump, granular or powder, which is made from zirconium metal powder and silicon powder. ZrSi2 is stable at room temperature and normal pressure.

Zirconium Silicide

Synonyms: zirconium disilicide, zirconium(II) silicide, zirconium(IV) silicide

Molecular Formula: ZrSi2 Molecular Weight: 147.40 Density:4.88g/ml
CAS No.: 12039-90-6 EINECS No.: 234-911-1 Melting Point:1620℃
Lattice Constant: a=0.372nm,b=1.476nm, C=0.0367nm Microhardness: 1063kg/mm2 Formation Heat: 62.8kJ/mol


ZrSi2 Si Zr Fe Particle size
≥99.5% 39~41% remains 0.2% -325mesh,-400mesh, -500mesh


Zirconium disilicide powder is mainly as raw materials of fine ceramics, which is also raw material for crucible for production of semiconductor films. ZrSi2 is also also raw material of sputtering targets, ceramic substrates and evaporation materials,


Zirconium disilicide should avoid oxides, keeping it sealed at room temperature, cool, dry and ventilated.