Thallium Acetate

Thallium acetate is white acicular crystal. Chemical name of it is thallium(I) acetate. Thallium metal is essential raw material.

Thallium Acetate

Synonyms: thallium(I) acetate, acetic acid thallium(I) salt, thallium acetate(ous), thallous acetate, thallium salts, thallium(1+) salt, thallium(1+) acetate, thallium i acetate

Molecular Formula: C2H3O2Tl Molecular Weight: 263.43 CAS No.: 563-68-8
EINECS No.: 209-257-5 Melting PointL 124~128℃ Density: 3.77g/cm3

Ban of contact with strong oxidant and strong acid. Property and stability:  Avoiding open to moisture air.

Category: Organic Metal Salt; Metal Acetate Salt; Pharmaceuticals, Intermediates&Fine Chemicals


C2H3O2Tl Cd Pb Fe Cu Ni
99.92% 0.0025% 0.0041% 0.0027% 0.0024% 0.0025%


Seal in container  and shield, dry place

UN NO.: UN 1707 6.1/PG 2

Applications – What is thallium used for

thallium(I) acetate is raw material of preparation of heavy liquids.