Indium Nitride

Indium nitride is dark crystallline powder or lump, which is semiconductor with wurtzite structure (hexagonal) like aluminum nitride. It is raw material in the fabrication of group III nitride short wavelength optoelectronic devices such as blue and green light-emitting diodes. Indium nitride is stable powder( under room temperature 300℃), which is easy to dissolve by acid and alkali. It is a kind of semiconductor,whose band gap is 2.4eV, formation heat is -17.6kJ/mol when solide at 25 ℃. Indium nitride powder is typically alloyed with gallium nitride(producing InxGa1xN). It would increase the wavelength of light emission and to provide charge carrier confinement. Indium oxide act as raw material.

Indium Nitride Wafer

Synonyms: indium mononitride, indium nitride 99.8% metal basis, indium(III) nitride, indium(3+) nitride

CAS No.: 25617-98-5 EINECS No.: 247-130-6 Molecular Formula: InN
Molecular Weight: 128.83 Melting Point:1200℃ Dielectric Constant: 15.3
Infrared Refractive Inex Resistivity:4.0*103 Ω.cm Refractive Index: 2.92
Piezoelectric Constant:e31-0.57 C m-2  e31 0.97 C m-2
Radiative Recombination Coefficient: 2.0*10-10 cm3s-1.300K

Category: Catalysis And Inorganic Chemistry; Ceramics; Chemical Synthesis; Indium Metal and Ceramic Science; Nitrides


Particle size: 325mesh

InN Cu Ag Mg Sb Ni Zn Bi In Co
99.99% 2ppm 3ppm 3ppm / 4ppm 4ppm / / /
Fe Cd As Mn Si Al Tl Pb Sn S
3ppm 9ppm 5ppm / 8ppm 4ppm 5ppm 5ppm 10ppm 5ppm


Indium nitride wafer is raw material for optoelectronics of infrared wavelength, high-frequency and high-speed component and high-efficiency solar cell. It is raw material for production of nanowire and indium nitride thin film, which could grow on the GaN(001)/SA(001) substrate by the technique of chemical beam epitaxy (CBE) using the highly volatile source reagent HN3. Indium nitride (InN) emits infrared light typically, which will emit greet light if reduced to 1 nanometer-wide wires. Moreover, just by varying their sizes, these nanostructures could tailor to emit different colors of light. It could lead to more natural-looking white lighting white avoiding some of the efficiency loss today’s LEDs experience at high powder. Indium nitride wafer at the few-nanometer size range offers a promising approach to engineering efficient, visible light emission at tailored wavelengths.


It should stocked in dry and shady place, the container should be tight. Indium nitride is stable at room temperature and pressure, please avoiding strong oxidant and acid.