Ruthenium nitrosyl chloride

Ruthenium nitrosyl chloride is rufous crystalline powder, which is stable at room temperature and normal pressure.

Ruthenium Nitrosyl Chloride

Synonyms: ruthenium(III) nitrosylchloride, ruthenium(III) nitrosyl chloride monohydrate, ruthenium(III) nitrosylchloride hydrate, Cl3NORu

Molecular Formula: Ru(NO)Cl3

Molecular Weight: 237.43

CAS No.: 18902-42-6

EINECS No.: 242-651-5

Ru content:≥41.5%

Storage: ruthenium(III) nitrosyl chloride should store with low temperature, sealed in dry, avoiding moisture, oxides.

Applications: Ruthenium(III) nitrosyl chloride is an important ruthenium compounds, which is used in synthesis of more complex ruthenium compounds.