Sodium Selenide

Sodium selenide is white crystal, odorless. It is made from sodium and selenium. It is soluble in water. When pumping in air, selenium separate out.  In moisture air, it turn red because of selenium separate out and form selenide compounds.

Sodium Selenide

Alias: Sodium Diselenide

Molecular Formula: Na2Se

Molecular Weight: 124.94

CAS No.: 1313-85-5

EINECS No.: 215-212-0

Density: 2.58g/cm3

Melting Point: >875℃

Purity: 99%

Category: Minor Metals, Metal Selenide, Inorganic Chemicals

Storage:sodium diselenide should store in container sealed and placed in cool and dry,  avoiding  oxides, moisture, acid. Make sure warehouse ventilate.