Telluric Acid

Telluric acid is for chemical reagent using in separating bromide and chloride in quantitative analysis, which is colorless crystalline granules or powders. There is also tellurous acid. Tellurium and tellurium dioxide act as raw material.

Telluric Acid

Synonyms: orthotelluricacid, tellurate,telluric(VI) acid,tellurium hydroxide, tellurous acid dihydrate

CAS No.:7803-68-1

EIENCS No.: 232-267-6

Appearance: white crystal

MF: H6TeO6, H2TeO4.2H2O


Melting Point:136℃

Boiling Point:160℃

H6TeO6 Water Insoluble Residue Cr Ag Pb Cu Sn As Fe Ni Cl S
99.7% 0.13% 3ppm 7ppm 8ppm 6ppm 4ppm 2ppm 8ppm 5ppm 80ppm 65ppm

Category: Minor Metals, Inorganic Chemicals