Vanadium Oxytrichloride

Vanadium oxytrichloride is yellow transparent liquid at room temperature. It is synthesized by the chlorination of vanadium(V) oxide (V2O5) or vanadium(III) oxide (V2O3). It is a vanadium compound with vanadium in the +5 oxidation state and as such is diamagnetic.  VOCl3 is a strong oxidizing agent and have strong hygroscopicity, so it would hydrolyze rapidly and finally in form of a yellow liquid.

Vanadium Oxytrichloride

Alias: vanadium trichloride oxide, vanadyl chloride, vanadyl trichloride, vanadium(V) oxychloride, vanadium trichlorooxo, vanadium(V) trichloride oxide, vanadyl(IV) chloride, UN 2443, vanadium(V) oxytrichloride

CAS No.: 7727-18-6 EINECS No.: 231-780-2 Density:1.826g/ml
Molecular Formula: VOCl3 Molecular Weight:173.2990 Melting Point:-76.5℃
Boiling Point: 126.7℃

Solubility: easily soluble in water, methane and diethyl ether. mutual soluble of hydrocarbon, halide as carbon tetrachloride, titanium tetrachloride, tin tetrachloride. also dissolve in phosphorus trichloride, phosphorus oxychloride, arsenic trichloride and antimony trichloride.

Category: Catalysts, Minor Metals, Chemical Reagents


Purity: 99%min


Vanadium oxytrichloride is raw material for olefin polymerization( for example, EPDM). It serve as catalyst or pre-catalyst in production of ethylene propylene rubber( EPDM). VCl3 is solvent for various organic compounds and play a role in synthesis of organic vanadium compounds. Vanadium trichloride oxide is also catalyst for production of ethylene and propylene. It serve as  reagent in organic synthesis, for example, it react with alcohols to produce alkoxides. Vanadium oxytrichloride is also raw material for the synthesis of vanadiumoxiddichlorid and vanadiumoxidmonochloride.