Zirconium Hydride

Zirconium hydride is gray black powder, which is made from zirconium powder and hydrogen at 300~400℃.

Zirconium Hydride

Alias: zirconium dihydride, zirconium(II) hydride, 99.7% metal basis dihydride zirconium, zirconium(II) dihydrogen, zirconium(II) salt

CAS No.: 7704-99-6 EINECS No.: 231-727-3 Density:5.61g/ml
Molecular Formula:ZrH2 Molecular Weight:93.24 Flash Point:270℃

Solubility: zirconium(II) hydride is soluble in hydrofluoric acid.

Category: Nonferrous Metals, Metal Hydries, Inorganic Chemicals


Purity: 99%min

Particle size: -100mesh


zirconium dihydride powder serve as high pure analytical reagent, hydrogenation catalyst, strong reducing agent and hydrogenating agent.  zirconium dihydride is also a kind of pyrophoric powder without smoke.


zirconium(II) hydride is by vacuum package in cool and dry place. zirconium(II) hydride should avoid oxides, acid. Property of zirconium(II0 hydride is stable, not react with water.