Quantum Spining Liquid Found in Quasi-Two-Dimensional Material

Two scientists from UK and USA find traces of  a new quantum state-quantum spining liqud in quasi-two-dimensional material alpha-ruthenium chloride (α-RuCl3). The researchers said it may improve researches of quantum computer.

Quantum spinning liquid is a mysterious quantum state, which was mentioned by Physicist Phil Anderson in 1973. Scientists think it is hidden in some magnetic materials, however it could’t be observed in nature before.Professor Qian Dong from SJTU explain electron split to other quasi-particle equivalently in two-dimensional spining liquid, one called Majoranaquasi-particles may promote quantum computer researches.

In recent researches, research team from ORNL use neutron scattering techniques to find proof that quantum spinning liquid may exist in α-RuCl3 that own similar structure of graphite. They use neutron to exposure α-RuCl3 powder and do energy analysis from different exposures, which get specific corrugate pattern.

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