Who we are

We chase new technology and create advanced materials that meet developing and growing demands. Minor metals and rare earths are our professional field. They are rare or low production. However it take great importance in developing moden technology, which are called "blood of modern technology". It is of great importance in moden life. With developing, more and more derivates are required. Our aim is to develop new products and meet new requirements. To achive higher goals, provide better services.

What we specialize

Professional Work
Professional Work
Professional work is decided by what we actually care.

Professional Work

  1. Metal sulfides and rare earth nitrides are important raw materials in photoelectric material. Indium sulfide own wider spectral response range. It decide its application is broad spectrum photoelectric detection. Lithium sulfide is electrolyte material of lithium ion battery. Rare earth nitrides are as LED fluorescent powders. For example europium nitride, yttrium nitride, scandium nitride, samarium nitride, lanthanum nitride and so on.
    Titanium SulfideRubidium FluorideYttrium FluorideThallium  NitrateVanadium DioxideLanthanum Bromide
  2. Minor Metals are necessary in semiconductors considering their semiconductor property. Tellurium, germanium, gallium, silicon, selenium,indium,  antimony take great parts in semiconductor industry. Bismuth telluride is a kind of thermoelectric material. It is raw material for cooling fin. Bismuth sulfide is main raw material for high temperature lubricant and semiconductor as light resistance in photoelectric automatic equipment. It could enhance sensistivity to spectrum of visible spectroal range.
    Selenium TellurideIndium SheetGermanium SulfideGallium SelenideGadolinium BorideITO
  3. Rare earths  promote the development of high performance ceramics. The oxides as yttrium oxide, lanthanum oxide, samarium oxide could improve moisture and reduce melting point of aluminum oxide ceramics. Yttrium oxide stabilized zirconium oxide is a common grinding material. Lanthanum nitrate, cerium nitrate and yttrium nitrate could be as dispersant in biological ceramics.
    Lanthanum BorideScandium NitrideRubidium CarbonateVanadium SilicideNickel Nitride Lanthanum Hydroxide


We could synthesize many kinds of derviates from minor metals and rare earths including compounds , sputtering target and alloys. Specially sulfides and nitrides. Following is customs compounds.
Yttrium FoilHolmium FoilVandium DioxideBismuth Telluride RodsEuropium SulfideAmmonium Fluoride