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Minor Metals, Rare Earths
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Metals And Alloys

Various minor metals and rare earths are available, including different powders, wires, rods, pieces and targets. Alloys could prepared from minor metals and rare earths too.

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Chemical Compounds

Though they get small productions, minor metals and rare earths play important roles in modern science technology, especially chemical compounds as lithium sulfide, scandium oxide.

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Sputtering Targets

Sputtering targets cover many different metals, compounds, alloys, oxides, nitrides, sulfides, carbides, borides, fluorides and tellurides, which process to round, foil, rod, wire and pieces.

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Rare Earths

China have abundant rare earths, including heavy rare earths as scandium, yttrium, terbium, dysprosium, lutetium and light rare earths as lanthanum, neodymium, europium, samarium.

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Minor metals and rare earths promote the development
Modern technology couldn't avoid minor metals and rare earths

Minor metals and rare earths are cornerstone of high-end technology like semiconductor, photoelectric, energy, machinery, pharmaceuticals.

  • Bi, Te, Ga, In, Ge, Se, Cd, Hg,Tl,Ru

  • Sulfide,Nitride,Sulfate,Carbonate

  • Pd,Ir,Rh,Re,Ru,Ta,Cr,Mo,Zr,Hf,Yb

  • Sc,Y,Tb,La,Pr,Dy,Nd,Er,Tm,Eu,Ho

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