About us

We are a new brand enterprise focused on advanced high performance materials, including crystal material, minor metals and chemicals, which is mainly used as raw material for ceramic materials, photoelectric materials and semiconductor industry.

Materials used in semiconductor include various tellurium compound, arsenic compound, cadmium compound, indium compound and so on. They are compound and grew under strict condition to avoid impurity.Most of their purity is above 99.999%. Some models could be customized according to request like calcium tellurium.

Materials used in optic is customized or grew to request mostly. We should know like size, orientation, proportion to customize it as ITO, mercury cadmium tellurium,high pure germanium, doped garnet and so on.ITO could be yellow color or blue color, one is as catalyst , the other is for coating film.Pure germanium is used in optical, alloy to strength property.Various doped garnets are used in illuminate for color and luminance.

Materials used in ceramic enhance strength, great special property like chemical ceramic, corrosion-resistance property, advanced strength, electronic ceramics.Those materials play important role  in ceramic industry.

Chemicals used in medical have part of antifungal, selenium supplement, health protection,abirritant, antiseptic, disinfector, measuring serum, cure skin disease, contraceptive and so on.

Special chemicals are those that are difficult to produce or rare, but inevitable in some industry. It is our aim to find more better technology and application.

Customizable crystal materials cover different raw materials as minor metals, rare earth, compound, alloy.chemical. We also customize alloy, target depend on request.

Materials science is basis of economic. Some rare new materials decide the trend of industry sometime. Chasing for new materials used in industry practically  is exciting and prospective, which help us on uncertain road to certain direction.

Most of metal and compound could be customized with purity, impurity, particle size. Target and crystal provide normal size, which also could be produced according to customers’ request.