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MOFs is short for metal-organic frameworks, which are a class of compounds consisting of metal ions or clusters coordinated to organic ligands to form one-, two-, or three-dimensionsl structures.


Material Title: ZIF-8, MAF-4, Basolite®Z1200, Zinc 2-methylimidazole


Structural Information:

Formula:C8H10N4Zn Molecular Weight:227.6 Pore Diameter:0.34nm/1.1nm Pore volume:0.66cm3/g BET Specific surface area:>1500m2/g

Morphology: white powder

Particle size: 100nm~20μm

ZIF-8 Metal Organic Frameworks MOFs


Material Title: ZIF-67, Cobalt 2-methylimidazole

CAS: 46201-07-4

Structural information:

Formula:C8H10N4Co Molecular Weight: 223.14 Pore Diameter:0.34nm/1.1nm Pore Volume:0.66cm3/g BET Specific surface area:>1500m2/g

Morphology: purple powder

Particle size: 100nm~20μm

ZIF-67 Metal Organic Frameworks MOFs


Material Title: UIO-66, Zirconium 1,4-dicarboxybenzene

CAS: 1072413-89-8

Structural information:

Formula: C48H28O32Zr6 Molecular Weight:1662.4 Pore Diameter: 0.74nm~1.5nm Pore Volume:0.5cm3/g BET Specific Surface Area:>1300m2/g

Morphology: white powder

Pore size:100-500nm

UiO-66 Metal Organic Frameworks MOFs

Other MOFs materials could be customized.

Super Activated Carbon

BET Specific Surface Area:>2000m2/g