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Lithium Sulfide

Lithium Sulfide is white to yellow crystals, which have smell of sulfur. It is typical sulfide of lithium. It is stable at home temperature and pressure, however react with water sharply. Li2S tend to absorb moisture in air and oxidize. When heating to 200℃, Li2S react with iodine and form lithium iodide. It react with carbon in electric-arc furnace and form lithium carbide. Lithium metal and pure sulfur are the raw materials.

Lithium Sulfide

CAS No.:12136-58-2EINECS No.:235-228-1Molecular Formula:Li2SMolecular Weight:45.95
Melting Point:900℃Density:1.66UN 2923 8/PG 2 


Dilithium sulfide is mainly for lithium sulfur battery, which is potential electrolyte material for rechargeable lithium ion battery.