Nickel Ferrite

Nickel ferrite is a common soft magnetic material, which has spinel structure and own good electrochemical property. It has advantages in high temperature resistance, high hardness, high strength and heat stability.

Nickel Ferrite

CAS No.:12168-54-6EINECS No.:235-335-3Molecular Formula:NiFe2O4Molecular Weight:234.38


Diiron nickel tetraoxide use in anode material of lithium battery.It applies to magnetic head material,  square magnetic material,  microwave absorbing material and magnetostriction material. which is also get wide applications in electronic industry.

Iron nickel oxide use as catalyst, which can decompose carbon dioxide into carbon and oxygen. It works as catalyst in production of fullerene. It is catalyst for magnetic anisotroy fenton, which degrade organic pollutant.

NiFe2O4 can use as carrier for visible-light-driven photocatalyst(nano titanium dioxide), which raise efficiency of visible-light-driven photocatalyst. It takes advantage of its magnetism to recover photocatalyst.