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Selenium Sulfide

Selenium sulfide is bright orange to reddish brown powder, which has little smell of hydrogen sulfide. It is a kind of chemical raw medicine, however it can do anti-dandruff adding in shampoo. Selenium disulfide has the effect of antifungal and curing seborrhea. Seleninic acid is the raw material.

Selenium Sulfide

CAS No.:7488-56-4EINECS No.:231-303-8Molecular Formula:SeS2Molecular Weight:143.09
Melting Point:100℃UN 2657 6.1/PG 2  


Selenium sulphide can cure tinea versicolor, head seborrheic dermatitis, scurf and multicolored snake skin tinea. Its preparations are suspensions. SeS2 can add to shampoo for anti-dandruff. The allowed maximum concentration in cosmetics is 0.5%