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Thallium Oxide

Thallium oxide include two kinds of oxides, thallium(I) oxide and thallium(III) oxide. Tl2O is  black powder, however Tl2O3 is brown or dark red powder. Thallous oxide is soluble in water, acid and alcohol. But thallium trioxide is not soluble in water and alkali.  Thallium trioxide dissolve in HCl and release chlorine, however release oxygen when dissolve in sulfuric acid.

Thallium Oxide

CAS No.:1314-12-1Molecular Formula:Tl2OMolecular Weight:424.78Melting Point:300℃
Boiling Point:1865℃Density:9.52  
CAS No.:1314-32-5EINECS No.:215-229-3Molecular Formula:Tl2O3Molecular Weight:456.74
Melting Point:717℃Boiling Point:875℃Density:9.65UN 1707 6.1/PG 2


Thallium(I) oxide is a kind of analytical reagent, which is also for optical glass and glass decoration.

Thallium(III) oxide is a kind of analytical reagent and catalyst. In electronic component production, it applies to prepare conductive paste for glass glaze potentiator.