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Titanium Silicide

Titanium silicide is dark gray square crystals, which is available in powder and targets. It is a kind of metal silicides. Titanium metal and silicon metal are raw materials. It owns high conductivity and high temperature stability. There are two production methods, physical vapor deposition (PVD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

Titanium Silicide

CAS No.:12039-83-7EINECS No.:234-902-2Molecular Formula:TiSi2Molecular Weight:104.07
Melting Point:1500℃Density:4.0Moh’s Hardness:4~5Electrical Resistivity:123


Titanium disilicide powder is raw material for fine ceramics. It can process into sputtering targets, which is ceramic targets. TiSi2 film widely apply to MOS, MOSFET, DRAM in integrated circuit parts.