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Zinc Selenide Powder

Zinc selenide powder is white cubic crystal,which is odorless and toxic. When come to light, it turn red rapidly. It is soluble in water. When dissolve in fuming hydrochloric acid, it reacts with hydrogen peroxide and form zinc selenate. ZnSe is a typical ferroelectric material.

Zinc Selenide Powder

CAS No.:1315-09-9EINECS No.:215-259-7Molecular Formula:ZnSeMolecular Weight:144.33
Melting Point:1100℃Density:5.42UN 3286 6.1/PG  


Zinc selenide is mainly for fluorescent material and semiconductor dopant. It gets wide applications in laser, medicine, astronomy and infrared night vision. Zinc selenide granule (pellet) is a kind of evaporation coating material. It owns quick photoelectric switch property, which get uses in streak camera. ZnSe could also act as anode material for aluminum-ion battery. When doped with Cr, Cr:ZnSe monocrystal gets. When doped with Fe, Fe:ZnSe monocrystal get, which is a kind of laser crystal too. However when doped with Ag, Ag:ZnSe quantum dot gets. When doped with Mn, Mn:ZnSe fluorescent quantum dot gets, whose color is adjustable.