Notice of Company Name Change

Company Zegen Metals&Chemicals Limited Announces Name Change to Relfect Expanded Business Scope

In a move to better align with its growing business operations, Company Zegen Metals&Chemicals Limited has announced a change in its corporate name. Effective[2024-03-20], the company will be known as Company Zegen Industrial Limited.

The decision to update the company’s name comes as a result of the successful expansion into new markets and the addition of diverse product offerings. The new name, Company Zegen Industrial Limited,better represents the company’s evolved identity and strategic focus.

“Our new name reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of our business,” said Zegen Metals&Chemicals Limited’s CEO Guan Haibin. “It communicatese our commitment to innovation and our ability to adapt to the changing market dynamics. This name change is a testament to our growth and our continued dedication to providing exceptional services and solutions to our clients. “

The company assured that the change in name will not affect any of its existing contracts, partnerships, or services. All legal entities, bank accounts, and contact information will remain unchanged.

Clients and business partners can expect the same level of quality and professionalism that they have come to associate with Zegen Metals&Chemicals Limited under the new name, Zegen Industrial Limited. The company is excited about this new chapter and look forward to continued success under its updated identity.

This name change is part of the company’s broader strategy to position itself for future growth and expansio. With its new name, Zegen Industrial Limited is well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportuniities and further solidify its position as a leader in the industry.