Superconductor Under Nearly Room Temperature Is Found LaH10

The fuction of superconductor is well known. If this material with 0 resistance could be used widely, it could improve present electronic technique to unprecedented height. Present difficulty is only available at extremely low temperature ( close to absolute temperature). Recently Mikhail Eremets and the colleagues from Max Planck Institute found the superconductivity of lanthanum hydride (LaH10) show at 250K or -23℃. The temperature mean to close to room temperature.

The researchers take lanthanum metal samples with size a few microns and put into metal foil with hole and liquid hydrogen filled. Then connect the device to electric wire. The next is procesing 150-170GPa pressure that is equal to 1.7 million times higher than standard atmospheric pressure or half of central earth pressure. And next the researchers bombard the sample with laser light and make lanthanum and hydrogen bond to form lanthanum hydride. At final using X-ray beam to measure the structure and content of the material.

Although the research team use too high pressure to apply, it mean we make a big process at 0℃ room tempearture superconductor. The next aim for researchers is finding out magic compound that show superconductivity at room pressure. This report is published on <Nature>