Bismuth Oxide

Bismuth oxide is yellow heavy powder or monoclinic crystal, which is odorless and stable in air. There are two types for pure bismuth trioxide, α type and β type. α-bismuth(III) oxide is yellow monoclini crystal with relative density 8.9 and melting point 825℃, which is soluble in acid, however not soluble in water and alkali. β-bismuth(III) oxide is bright yellow to orange tetragonal powder with relative density 8.55 and melting point860℃, which is soluble in acid, however not soluble in water. They can reduced to bismuth metal by hydrogen and hydrocarbon. Bismuth nitrate or bismuth metal is the raw material.

Bismuth Oxide

CAS No.:1304-76-3 EINECS No.:215-134-7 Molecular Formula:Bi2O3 Molecular Weight:465.96
Density:8.9 Melting Point:825℃ Boiling Point:1890℃ Flash Point:1890℃


Bismuth trioxide is raw material for bismuth salts, catalysts and ceramic pigments.