Cadmium Metal

Cadmium metal is silver white transition metal, which is available in ingots, rods, sticks, plates, powders, targets and granules. It is soft and toxic, which exist in zinc ore. Cadmium and zinc both are battery material. Cadmium granules slowly oxidize in moist air and lose metal luster. When heating its surface form oxide layer (CdO). With heating cadmium powder can directly react with halogen and other non-metallic elements as sulfur, selenium phosphorus. Cadmium ingot is high purity material for semiconductor and reagents.

Cadmium Metal

Purity: 99.995%, 99.999%, 99.99999%

CAS No.: 7440-43-9 EINECS No.: 231-152-8 Molecular Formula: Cd Molecular Weight: 112.411
Melting Point: 320.9℃ Boiling Point: 765℃ Density: 8.642


Cadmium rod is raw material for nickel-cadmium battery, plastic, metal plating, pigment, painting, dye and printing ink. It is also raw material for cadmium salts, cadmium vapor lamp, smoke bomb, cadmium mercury reagent, alloys, welding flux and metallurgical deoxidizer and so on.

Cd plates is a kind of reducing agent. It apply to metallurgy.