Chromium Pieces

Chromium pieces are mainly for smelting. Two purity are available, 99% and 99.8%. Cr element could be in other shapes too as lumps, ingots, sheets, rods, granules, wires and so on. Chrome metal is silvery white metal, which is hard and brittle. It is inactive metal and stable to oxygen and moisture at room temperature. Chromium metal pieces is of irregular small lumps. 99.99% and 99.95% Cr element is product by hydrogen reduction process. 99.5%-99.8% Cr element is product by carbon reduction process.

Chromium Pieces

CAS No.:7440-47-3EINECS No.:231-157-5Molecular Formula:CrMolecular Weight:52
Melting Point:1857℃Boiling Point:2672℃Melting Heat:1.53*104J/molVaporization heat:2.99*105J/mol


Chromium metal is mainly for hard alloys, diamond tools, welding materials, stainless steel, targets, vacuuming coating, thermal spraying and ceramics.

Chrome ingots apply to tough malleable steel, stainless steel and acid proof alloy. Pure chromium can apply to electroplate.  It is raw material for high temperature alloys, electro-resistance alloys and precision alloys. Element Cr can improve hardness and corrosion resistance in alloy steels. In non-ferrous alloys, chromium lumps can improve high-temperature strength, fracture resistance, corrosion resistance and antioxidant.