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Chromium Silicide

Chromium silicide is gray square prism crystal of hexagonal system, which is available in powder, piece, granule and so on. It is insoluble in water, however soluble in hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid. CrSi2 can process into crystal by reduction method, chemical vapor deposition or sputtering method. CrSi2 thin films get high specific resistance and low temperature coefficient of resistance.  Silicon powder and chromium powder are the raw material.

Chromium Silicide

CAS No.:12018-09-6EC No.:234-633-0Molecular Formula:CrSi2Molecular Weight:108.17
Density:5.5Melting Point:1475℃  


Chromium disilicide applies as ceramic material, high resistance thin film material. CrSi2 is excellent thermoelectric material.