Germanium Dioxide

Germanium dioxide is colorless crystal, which including faintly water soluble hexagonal crystal (stable at low temperature) and insoluble tetragonal system. Its transformation temperature is 1033℃. GeO2 is insoluble in water, which dissolve in alkali to form germanate salts. Tetragonal GeO2 is not stable when temperature below 1033℃, which transform into hexagonal one slowly. Germanium tetrachloride is the raw material.

Germanium Dioxide


CAS No.:1310-53-8EINECS No.:215-180-8Molecular Formula:GeO2Molecular Weight:104.64
Density:6.239Melting Point:1115℃Refractive Index:1.99 


GeO2 uses as semiconductor material and spectral analysis, which is also raw material for germanium metal.