Germanium Dioxide

Germanium dioxide is colorless crystal or white powder, which including faintly water soluble hexagonal crystal (stable at low temperature) and insoluble tetragonal system. Its transformation temperature is 1033℃. GeO2 is insoluble in water, which dissolve in alkali to form germanate salts. Tetragonal germania is not stable when temperature below 1033℃, which transform into hexagonal one slowly. Germanium tetrachloride is the raw material.

Germanium Dioxide


CAS No.:1310-53-8EINECS No.:215-180-8Molecular Formula:GeO2Molecular Weight:104.64
Density:6.239Melting Point:1115℃Refractive Index:1.99 


Germanium oxide uses as semiconductor material and spectral analysis, which is also raw material for germanium metal. GeO2 acts as catalysts for producing PET with macrofiber. The bottle or other containers made from it is non-toxic, transparent and good air-tightness.