Gold Powder

Gold powder is a kind of common precious metal, which is ultra fine particles. There are two production methods for ultra gold metal powder, thermal decomposition method and water solution reduction. The first one gets average particle size at 1~2μm. The second one gets average particle size at 0.5μm.

Gold Powder

CAS No.: 7440-57-5EINECS No.: 231-165-9Molecular Formula: AuMolecular Weight: 196.97
Melting Point:1064.63℃Boiling Point:2966℃Density: 19.31 


Ultra fine Au wire is primary conducting material in excellent conductive paste as thin line gold paste, low temperature gold plasma, gold-palladium, gold-platinum-palladium and gold-silver-palladium.

Gold metal is as gilding material and raw material for gold wire in semiconductor industry.