Hafnium Oxide

Hafnium oxide is white powder. It is stable at room temperature and room pressure. It is insoluble in water. The evaporation conditions of hafnium dioxide is using electronic gun with oxygen partial pressure 1~2*10-2Pa, evaporation temperature 2600~2800℃, substrate temperature 250℃ and evaporation rate 2nm/2. Hafnium metal is the raw material.

Hafnium Oxide

CAS No.:12055-23-1EINECS No.:235-013-2Molecular Formula:HfO2Molecular Weight:210.49
Melting Point:2181℃Density:9.68Molar Mass:210.49g/mol 
Coefficient of Linear Expansion:5.6*10-6/KEvaporation Pressure: 1Pa at 2678℃, 10Pa at 2875℃
Thin Film Properties:220~12000nmRefractive Index:(250nm)~2.15 (500nm)~2


Hafnium(IV) oxide is a kind of evaporation coating material, which mainly apply to UV antireflection film and interference film.

HfO2 apply to spectral analysis, catalyst system and refractory materials.