High Purity Metal Copper

High purity metal copper is faintly red metal, which is ductile. It is good conductor for heat and electricity, which is just second to silver. Copper powder is insoluble in dilute hydrochloric acid and dilute sulfuric acid, but soluble in nitric acid and hot concentrated sulfur acid. Cu metal can dissolve in ammonium hydroxide and potassium cyanide solution, which form complex.

There are  two kinds of copper metal in industry, one is cathode copper and the other is refined copper. Electrolytic copper is used in production of various alloys, metal wires and electric wire. The refined copper is used in production of other alloys, copper tube, copper sheet, bearing and so on. Pure copper is purple metal, which is also called purple copper, however purple copper is not always pure copper. Sometiome it also refers to copper added with a small amount of deoxygenation or other elements. According to their contents, they could be classified to common purple copper (T1, T2, T3, T4), oxygen-free copper (TU1, TU2, High purity, vacuum oxygen-free copper, deoxidized copper (TUP, TUMn), special copper added with a small amount of alloy ( arsenic copper, tellurium copper, silver copper). According to the appearance, they could be classified to copper tube, copper rod, copper wire, copper plate, copper strip, copper bar, copper foils and so on. 

High Purity Metal Copper

Purity:99.999%, 99.9999%

CAS No.:7440-50-8EINECS No.:231-159-6Molecular Formula:CuMolecular Weight:63.55
Density:8.94Melting Point:1083.4Boiling Point:2595℃Self-ignition Temperature:700℃


Copper metal slug is mainly for electronic and semiconductor. Cu powder also high pure analytical reagent.

In electron industry, high purity oxygen-free copper and dispersion strengthening of oxygen-free copper get use for electron tube as high frequency and ultrahigh frequency(UHF) emitter, waveguide tube, magnetron and so on. Copper printed circuit requires bulkds of copper foils and copper brazing solder. In integrated circuit, copper replaces aluminium of silicon chip, which act as interconnecting wire and lead frame.