Indium Tin Oxide

Indium tin oxide is a mixture of In2O3 and SnO2. Its mass ratio is 90% In2O3 and 10% SnO2 usually. The main character of ITO is combining electrical conduction and optical transparent. How thin film deposition need concession because high concentration charge carrier will increase conductivity of material, but decrease its transparency. ITO film is by PVD normally, or sputtering deposition technique to deposit on the surface.

Indium Tin Oxide

CAS No.:50926-11-9 Molecular Formula:In2O5Sn Molecular Weight:428.343


ITO is mainly for making LCD, FPD, plasma display, touch screen, electronic paper, OLED, solar cell, electrostatic antiplating film and transparent conductive coating with EMI shielding

ITO apply to many kinds of optical filming, mainly for infrared ray reflective coating in architecture, automobile, glass of sodium vapor lamp. Other applications include gas sensor, antireflective film and Bragg reflector for VCSEL laser.