Iridium Powder

Iridium powder is dark gray sponge particle, which is a kind of noble metal. Its chemical property is stable, which is most corrosion resistant metal and it has great resistance to acid. Only sponge iridium powder slowly dissolve in hot aqua regia.

Iridium Powder

CAS No.: 7439-88-5 EINECS No.: 231-095-9 Molecular Formula: Ir Molecular Weight: 192.22
Melting Point: 2410℃ Boiling Point: 4130℃ Density: 22.421


Pure Iridium metal, Pt-Ir alloy and  Ir-Rh alloy apply to make scientific instruments, thermocouple and resistive conductor. Adding iridium element in platinum would improve its corrosion resistance in water, acid and halogen and mechanical strength under 500℃。

Many oxide monocrystals of high melting point grow in crucible of pure iridium. Iridium pieces can process into iridium wires, which is for high temperature antioxidant thermocouple material and filament material.

Iridium slugs get uses in ignition plug, electrode of alkali method  and chemical catalysts.