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Silver Sulfide

Silvery sulfide is light ash black heavy powder, which is noble metal sulfide. It is insoluble in water and ammonium hydroxide, however soluble in nitric acid, sulfuric acid and alkaline cyanide solutions. β-Ag2S is ash black orthogonal crystal with relative density 7.326, which turns into α-Ag2S at 175℃. α-Ag2S is black cubic crystal with relative density 7.317 and melting point 825℃. Concentrated H2SO4 can transform Ag2S into silver sulfate and sulfur. Disilver sulphide is stable at room temperature and pressure, but it turns out filiform silver metal when heating above 350℃ in vacuum. If heating in air directly, silver(I) sulfide tend to oxidize into silver sulphate. Silver(I) oxide or silver nitrate is the raw material. 

Silver Sulfide

CAS No.:21548-73-2EC No.:244-438-2Molecular Formula:Ag2SMolecular Weight:247.80
Density:7.234Melting Point:825℃


Silver sulfide uses as analytical reagent. It is raw material for alloys and ceramics too.