Strontium Metal

Strontium metal is silver gray alkalis pieces or lumps, which tend to oxidize in air and form white powder (SrO). Its temperature raise during the whole process. So the package should be vacuum or filled with inert gas or kerosene. it is soluble in liquid ammonia, ethyl alcohol and acids. Strontium lumps tend to compound with halogen, sulfur, selenium. At room temperature, it could compound with nitrogen that form strontium nitride(Sr3N2). Under heating condition, it can compound with hydrogen that form strontium hydride(SrH2). At room temperature, it can react with water and form strontium hydroxide and hydrogen . SrS is available too.

Strontium Metal Pieces

CAS No.:7440-24-6EINECS No.:231-133-4Molecular Formula:SrMolecular Weight:87.6
Melting Point:755℃Boiling Point:1366℃Density:2.54 


Strontium metal pieces are raw material for manufacturing alloys, phototube, floodlight. It can be as getter of evacuated tube. It plays a role in chemical analysis and making fireworks.