Tantalum Metal

Tantalum metal is silvery gray metal of body centered cubic structure, which is extremely hard and ductile. It mainly exist in tantalite with niboium.  It is available in powders, sheets, wires, ingots, granules, foils and sputtering targets. Ta resist corrosion from strong acid, especially to sulfuric acid.

Tantalum Metal

CAS No.: 7440-25-7EINECS No.: 231-135-5Molecular Formula: TaMolecular Weight: 180.948
Melting Point: 3000℃Boiling Point: 5429℃Density: 16.6 


Tantalum metal can replace stainless steel in equipment that making various inorganic acids, which have tens times life longer than stainless steel. It can replace noble metal platinum in industries as chemical engineering, electronic and electric.

Tantalum powder process into electrolytic condenser. It forms stable anode oxide film in acid electrolyte. It is also raw material for making transmitting tubes and electric tube parts.

Tantalum can easily process into other shapes as foils, slugs, rods, wires and so on, so it act as supplied accessories, heat shield, heater and cooling fin in high temperature vacuum furnace.

Tantalum piece is raw material for alloys as Ta-W, Ta-W-Hf andTa-Hf.