Tellurium Dioxide

Tellurium dioxide is white square or orthorhombic crystalline powder, which show yellow when heating and dark yellow red when melting. It is slightly soluble in water and soluble strong acid and strong alkali.

Tellurium Dioxide

Purity: 99.999%

CAS No.:7446-07-3 EINECS No.:231-193-1 Molecular Formula:TeO2 Molecular Weight:159.60
Melting Point:733℃ Boiling Point:1245℃ Density:5.75


Tellurium(IV) oxide powder act as electronic element material and antiseptic substance. It also apply to make tellurite that is for bacterial detection in vaccine.

Tellurous acid anhydride apply to emission spectral analysis. It is also raw material for II-VI group compounds semiconductor, thermoelectric conversion parts, refrigeration components, piezo-electric crystal and infrared detector.

Tellurous dioxide is mainly for preparing acousto-optic deflection parts.