Tin Granules

Tin granules is silvery grains or particles. It is stable in the air. Sn Granulars are soluble in concentrated hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, aqua regia, concentrated nitric acid and hot caustic solution, but not soluble in water. Tin metal ingots are the raw material. At 100℃, its ductility is very good, which is easily rolled to super thin tin foils. At range 13.2~163℃, the property of tin is most stable, which is called white tin. It is quadratic system. When temperature lower than 13.2℃, tin metal would turn into loose powder like coom. When temperature is higher than 161℃, white tin turns into  orthorhombic tin. Tin metal react with halogen to form tetrahalide when heating. It reacts sulfur to form tin sulfide. The color of tin disulfide is similiar to gold, which is used as golden pigment. 

Tin Granules

Purity:99.999%, 99.99999%

CAS No.:7440-31-5EINECS No.:231-141-8Molecular Formula:SnMolecular Weight:118.710
Melting Point:231.88℃Boiling Point:2507℃Density:7.28 


High purity Tin metal granulars are mainly as special material in IC packaging, for examples, DIP, SOJ, SOP, TSOP, QFP, BGA, CSP and other packaing  process. It acts as tin solder for electron industry, which is for electronic welding and diffusion doping processing. It is also a kind of extre pure reagent. 

Tin metal is main raw material for low melting point alloy.