Vanadium Pentoxide

Vanadium pentoxide is orange-yellow crystalline powder.  It is soluble in strong acid and strong acid, however not soluble in ethyl alcohol. Vanadium(V) oxide is amphoteric oxide, but mainly acid. When temperature above 700℃, V2O5 obviously volatilize. V2O5 decompose to oxygen and vanadium(IV) oxide when 700~1125℃. This property make it as catalyst for many organic and inorganic reactions.Vanadium(V) oxide is strong oxide agent, so easily reduce to various oxides of low value.Vanadium (V) oxide price changes rapidly in recent years, due to short supply and vanadium stocks get lower. 

Vanadium Pentoxide

CAS No.:1314-62-1EINECS No.:215-239-8Molecular Formula:V2O5Molecular Weight:181.88
Melting Point:690℃Boiling Point:1750℃Density:3.357UN 2862 6.1/PG 3


Vanadium pentoxide is mainly for smelting ferrovanadium, which is additive for alloys. It consumes 80% of vanadium(V) oxide output. The second use are as catalyst in organic chemical industry that is accelerant, which take about 10%. In addition, vanadium oxide uses in inorganic chemical agent, analytical reagent, magnetic material and enamel.

Vanadium(V) oxide is raw material for vanadium compounds, pigments of printing and dyeing, ceramics and nigrosine dye. In synthesizing ammonia, V2O5 is catalyst for decarburization and desulfuration. In petrochemical plant, V2O5 is as corrosion inhibitor.