Scandium Nitride

Scandium nitride is a kind of rare earth nitride compound, which get properties like aluminum nitride. Scandium(III) nitride is raw material of ceramic materials, semiconductor materials and photoelectric materials. It could be processed to wafer or powder. Scandium metal act as raw material.

Scandium Nitride Powder 

Alias: scandium mononitride, advanced ceramic powder scandium nitride, nitriloscandium, scandium(III) nitride

CAS No.:25764-12-9 EINECS No.: 247-247-2 MF: ScN
Molecular Weight: 58.9626

Category: Rare Earths, Metal Nitrides, Ceramic Materials


Particle Size: -100mesh, -200mesh

RE La Ce Pr Nd Sm Eu Gd Tb Dy
78.38% 1.91ppm 0.80ppm 0.50ppm 0.70ppm 0.81ppm 0.56ppm 0.70ppm 1.21ppm 1.45ppm
Ho Er Tm Yb Lu
0.61ppm 0.80ppm 0.60ppm 0.84ppm 0.70ppm
Sc/RE Fe Al Cu Si Ca
>99.99% 440.ppm 119.0ppm 154.0ppm 37.0ppm 28.09ppm