Indium Phosphate

Indium phosphate is dark gray crystalline powder, which is made from indium hydroxide. It is square strain structure. When at 350℃, it lose crystal powder and turn pyrophosphate indium. When at 640℃, it turn amorphous indium(III) phosphate. It would resolve at 1800℃. Tend to react with alkali metal and get double salt.

Indium Phosphate Powder

Alias: indium(III) phosphate, indium(III) phosphate dihydrate

MF: InPO4, InPO4.2H2O

CAS No.: 14693-82-4, 19153-61-8


InPO4 99.9% min

In 54.69%


Indium(III) phosphate is used in special glass , MOS materials, MOCVD materials.