Indium Nitrate

Indium nitrate is white flaky crystal and bitter taste, which is easy to deliquate. It is easy to dissolve in water and ethanol.Indium trinitrate tend to dissolve in water and ethanol. It is stable at room temperature and normal pressure.

Indium Nitrate – In Element Salts

Synonyms: indium nitrate hydrate, In(NO3.3H2O, indium (III) nitrate hydrate, indium itratehydrate, indium (III) nitrate n-hydrate, indium nitrate hydrate 99.99%, indium (III) nitrate hydrate (99.999%-In) PURATREM, indium (III) nitrate hydrate Puratronic 99.999%(metal bsis), indium nitrate penthydrate,indium(III) nitrate trihydrate

Molecular Formula: In(NO3)3.3H2O,In(NO3)3.4H2O, In(NO3)3.5H2O, InNO3O9
CAS No.: 13770-61-1, 13465-14-0, 207398-97-8

Molecular Weight:300.83 EINECS No.:237-393-5 Melting Point:212℃ Boiling Point:444℃(deliquate)

Category: Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry; Chemical Synthesis; Indium Salts; Minor Metals


InN3O9: 99.99%

In Al As Cu Cd Fe Pb Sn Tl  Zn
32.5% 0.0004% 0.0002% 0.0003% 0.0006% 0.0006% 0.0003% 0.0005% 0.0004% 0.0004%


Indium(III) nitrate used in preparation of other indium salt and In2O3, indium electroplating, pure indium ingot, analytical reagent.


Indium iii nitrate should avoid oxides, reducing agent and water. When stocking, keep it sealed, cool, dry and ventilate.