Rhodium Hydroxide

Rhodium hydroxide is lemon yellow powder. It is soluble in sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, which is soluble in acetic acid when moisture. Rhodium(III) hydroxide is insoluble in water, rarely soluble in tartaric acid, hydrocyanic acid, concentrated phosphoric acid.

Rhodium Hydroxide – Catalyst

Molecular Formula: Rh(OH)3

Molecular Weight: 153.93

CAS No.: 123542-79-0

Rh content: ≥66.0%

Stoarge:Rhodium(III) hydroxide should store in low temperature and dry place .

Applications: Rhodium(III) hydroxide is an important compound of rhodium, which serve as catalyst or raw material for other compounds.

Category: Noble Metals, Precious Metals, Metal Hydroxides, Catalysts