Rhodium Iodide

Rhodium iodide is black amorphous powder. It is insoluble in HCl and sulfinic acid, which is soluble in aqua regia. Rhodium(III) iodide tend to resolve in air, which is also easy to oxidize. S it  should store in nitrogen and avoid sunshine, keeping dry. Rhodium metal powder and rhodium chloride are essential raw material.

Rhodium Iodide

Synonyms: rhodium triiodide, rhodium(III) iodide

CAS No.:15492-38-3 Molecular Formula:RhI3
Molecular Weight:483.62 Density: 6.65g/mL

Category: Noble Metals, Precious Metals, Catalysts


Rh content: ≥21.0%

Storage: Keep it in low temperature, dry.

Category: Rhodium Chemicals; Catalysts

Applications – What is rhodium(III) iodide used for

rhodium(III) iodide is normal homogeneous catalyst, specially for acetic acid, plating.