Samarium Chloride

Samarium chloride is light yellow powder for anhydrous compound. Samarium chloride anhydrous is soluble in water and ethyl alcohol to form corresponding compound solution. It could be reduced by metal, hydrogen and ammonia. Hexahydrate compound is yellowish-green crystals. Samarium(III) chloride hexahydrate would lose five five water molecular in at 110 ℃, further turn to anhydrous at 177℃. It would hydrolyze when heating in air. Samarium oxide is the raw material.

Samarium Chloride

Synonyms: samarium(III) chloride hexahydrate, samarium(III) chloride anhydrous

Molecular Formula: SmCl3 Molecular Weight:256.72 Density:2.383g/ml
CAS No.: 10361-82-7 EINECS No.: 233-797-0 Melting Point:686+/-2℃

Category: Rare Earths, Inorganic Chemical Reagents, Metal Chlorides


≥99.9% 65.71 0.0045% <0.005% 0.0056


Samarium(III) chloride anhydrous is raw material for ceramics, coating, samarium metal. It play a role in scientific research and biochemical research. Samarium(III) chloride anhydrous is for spectral analysis.