Zirconium Disulfide

Zirconium disulfide is purplish brown powder, which is stable in air. . It is prepared from carbon disulfide and zirconium dioxide. When heating to red, it would ignite and turn to zirconium dioxide. When heating at higher than 800℃, it would’t melt but decomposing and subliming.  Zirconium sulfide is not resolved by water.Zirconium(IV) sulfide is insoluble in water, dilute acid, alkali and most organic solvents.

Zirconium Disulfide

Alias: zirconium sulfide, zirconium(IV) sulfide

Molecular Formula: ZrS2 Molecular Weight: 155.35
CAS No.: 12039-15-5 EINECS No.:234-885-1
Density: 3.87g/mL Melting Point: 1550℃


Main Content:≥ % Impurities:≤ ppm
ZrS2 Ag Al Co Cu Fe Mn Ni Pb Au Zn Mg Cd
99.99 5 10 4 5 12 5 5 10 4 5 8 4