Cerium Oxalate

Cerium oxalate includes cerium(III) oxalate anhydrous, cerium(III) oxalate hydrate and cerium(III) oxalate nonahydrate, which is rare earth oxalate salt.  It is odorless white crystal powder. Ce2C6O12.9H2O is insoluble in water, ethyl alcohol, diethyl ether, alkaline hydroxide solution, alkali solution, but soluble in dilute sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid.

Cerium Oxalate

CAS No.:139-42-4 EC No.:205-362-5 Molecular Formula:C6Ce2O12 Molecular Weight:544.29
CAS No.:15750-47-7 EC No.:205-362-5 Molecular Formula:C6H2Ce2O13 Molecular Weight:562.30
CAS No.:13266-83-6 Molecular Formula:Ce2C6O12.9H2O Molecular Weight:706.43


Cerium(III) oxalate nonahydrate uses as chemical reagent. It is also raw material for other cerium salts.

Ce2C6O12.9H2O have effects of invigorating stomach, stoping vomiting, claming, but it belongs to powerful drugs. Cerium(III) oxalate hydrate mainly applies to medical industry and cerium category metal elements separation.